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It’s hard to know who to trust in business these days. We are all rushing around with our own agenda, giving each other allocated the in our diaries whether it is work or friends. We hardly have the to stop and think and just be. When was the last time to just stopped to do absolutely nothing, and that don’t mean look at your phone screen. We hear new buzz words all time such as ‘mindfulness’ and I for one wonder how we have managed to get to this place where we have all the technology to get in touch with each other yet we have never been so disconnected from each other. Our world has change so much.


One thing hasn’t changed since the first cave drawings to the celebrities of instagram and that we love to look at and create images. The cave man wanted to share his story with others in the future and the celebrity, with a strong social media tool such as Instagram can control how she is perceived.

We are all visually aware and trust our eyes so much. Seeing is believing has been blurred with technology but we still trust what we see. More importantly, we read less and less which has allowed images to become much more powerful.


Create Photographic understand that your brand is your cave wall or your celebrity and if you trust in us, we will do our very best to create images that will impact your your brand and clients. We want to be a part of the success of your business now and in the future.  So please stop for a moment and take the time to connect with us.


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 I’m the ‘old man’ in this team. I just hit 50 and have been in the photographic industry straight out of education. And yes, I have used a camera that had to be used with a cloth over my head. I’ve shot with every type of camera, film and digital and have even assisted an advertising photographer in central London. This taught me the skills I needed to have the confidence to be able to control lighting. Learning new skills and meeting new people is something that keeps me enthusiastic and engaged in photography. I am based in Southampton, have a grown up family and enjoy music festivals and riding my motorbike in my free time.
I truly love taking photographs and have never wanted to do anything else, and even after over thirty years of taking pictures professionally, I still feel like I am learning and improving my skills. More importantly, each new day with new clients is like starting a brand new job for the first time. It’s still very exciting!


I am Sam and photography for me all started when I was growing up, when at the age of 7 I managed to ‘borrow’ my Dad’s old Pentax MG to document the construction of my first proper treehouse. Even then I relished in the challenge of telling the story of its progress – trying to make the most of every frame as each section of the build was fixed together and slowly winched into place.

Fast-forward, and whilst studying Architecture at university my passion for photography continued to flourish. After moving into practice my photography began to inspire my design work and the architecture began to inform my photography. After an obligatory stint in London and following my career in architecture, I made the plunge and made photography my career. I am now back in the New Forest where it all began, in a little house in a lovely town by the sea.


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